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Rehan Faisal

Digital Marketing Service Provider

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About Me

I have rich experience in digital marketing, social media marketing, WordPress Website Development , E-commerce, Graphic Designing. I love to talk with you about our unique.

  • Residence: Pakistan
  • Address: Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan

C.E.O at APNA SAHIWAL PAKISTAN An online store in Pakistan where cutting-edge electronics, stylish mobile accessories, top-notch laptops, and a vast array of computer accessories converge, empowering you to embrace the future of technology with unmatched convenience and unparalleled quality.

My Services
Digital Marketing

My digital marketing services include Google Adward Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Social Media Marketing

My social media marketing services include Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) Page Creations and Promotions.

WordPress Website Development

Website Development Services include WordPress websites (Online | E-commerce store, Blog Website, Real Estate Website, Company Profile Website, Personal Portfolio Website, News & Magazine Website  & much more.

Graphic Design

My graphic design services include (Logo, Poster, Flyer, Ads Design, Facebook | Instagram Post Design, Business Card Design & much more.

My Services For Website Development (WordPress)

Online Store Types
  • Clothing Stores
  • Electronics Stores
  • Beauty & Cosmetics Shops
  • Home Decor Stores
  • Pet Supplies Shops
  • Sports & Fitness Stores
  • Books & Media Shops
  • Jewelry & Accessories Stores
  • Food & Grocery Stores
  • Health & Wellness Shops
  • Toys & Games Stores
  • Automotive Parts Stores
  • Arts & Crafts Stores
  • Baby & Kids Stores
  • Office Supplies Stores
  • Specialty Stores (e.g., Vintage, Handmade)
Blog Website Types
  • Personal Blogs
  • Professional/Corporate Blogs
  • Niche Blogs (e.g., Travel, Food, Fashion, Technology)
  • Guest Blogging Platforms
  • Collaborative Blogs
  • Educational Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Review Blogs
  • News Aggregator Blog
  • Photoblogs
Real Estate Website Types
  • Residential Property Listings
  • Commercial Property Listings
  • Rental Property Listings
  • Vacation Rental Listings
  • Real Estate Agency Websites
  • Property Management Websites
  • Real Estate Investment Portfolios
  • Neighborhood/Area Guides
  • Property Valuation Tools
Company Website Types
  • Corporate Websites
  • Small Business Websites
  • Startup Websites
  • Professional Service Websites (e.g., Law Firms, Accounting Firms)
  • Consulting Firm Websites
  • Non-Profit Organization Websites
  • Financial Institution Websites
  • Technology Company Websites
  • Creative Agency Websites
  • Manufacturing Company Websites
Personal Portfolio Website Types
  • Freelancer Portfolio Websites
  • Artist Portfolio Websites
  • Photographer Portfolio Websites
  • Designer Portfolio Websites
  • Writer/Author Portfolio Websites
  • Creative Professional Portfolio Websites
  • Consultant Portfolio Websites
  • Developer/Programmer Portfolio Websites
  • Musician/Composer Portfolio Websites
  • Actor/Actress Portfolio Websites
News/Magazine Website Types
  • General News Websites
  • Niche News Websites (e.g., Politics, Business, Health)
  • Online Magazine Websites
  • Lifestyle Magazine Websites
  • Fashion Magazine Websites
  • Tech News Websites
  • Entertainment News Websites
  • Sports News Websites
  • Finance & Business Magazine Websites
  • Health & Wellness Magazine Websites
Digital Marketing Services Website Types
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Social Media Marketing Agencies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agencies
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Agencies
  • Content Marketing Agencies
  • Email Marketing Agencies
  • Influencer Marketing Agencies
  • Video Marketing Agencies
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Agencies
  • Web Analytics Agencies
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM) Agencies
  • Affiliate Marketing Agencies
  • Mobile Marketing Agencies
  • E-commerce Marketing Agencies
  • Local SEO Agencies
  • Growth Hacking Agencies
  • Marketing Automation Agencies
  • Web Design & Development Agencies with Digital Marketing Focus
  • Copywriting and Content Creation Agencies
  • Digital Strategy Consultancies
Healthcare Website Types
  • Hospital Websites
  • Clinic Websites
  • Doctor/Physician Practice Websites
  • Dental Practice Websites
  • Specialist Practice Websites (e.g., Dermatology, Cardiology)
  • Healthcare Facility Directories
  • Telemedicine Websites
  • Health Information Portals
  • Medical Research Institution Websites
  • Health and Wellness Blogs
  • Health Insurance Company Websites
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies Websites
  • Pharmacy Websites
  • Patient Support Group Websites
  • Healthcare Professional Networking Platforms
  • Healthcare Education and Training Websites
  • Healthcare Event and Conference Websites
  • Health App Landing Pages
  • Medical Tourism Websites
  • Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Websites
Travel & Tourism Website Types
  • Travel Agency Websites
  • Tour Operator Websites
  • Destination Management Company (DMC) Websites
  • Hotel and Resort Websites
  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Websites
  • Vacation Rental Websites
  • Online Travel Booking Platforms
  • Adventure Travel Websites
  • Cruise Booking Websites
  • Travel Blogging Platforms
  • Travel Review Websites
  • Travel Guide Websites
  • Travel Deal and Discount Websites
  • Travel Insurance Company Websites
  • Transportation Service Websites (e.g., Airlines, Railways, Car Rentals)
  • Event and Festival Tourism Websites
  • Cultural and Heritage Tourism Websites
  • Ecotourism Websites
  • Food and Culinary Tourism Websites
  • Specialty Travel Websites (e.g., Wellness Retreats, Volunteer Tourism)
Booking Platform Website Tyoes
  • Hotel Booking Platforms
  • Vacation Rental Booking Platforms
  • Flight Booking Platforms
  • Car Rental Booking Platforms
  • Event Ticket Booking Platforms
  • Restaurant Reservation Platforms
  • Activity and Experience Booking Platforms
  • Tour and Sightseeing Booking Platforms
  • Spa and Wellness Appointment Booking Platforms
  • Conference and Meeting Room Booking Platforms
  • Transportation Booking Platforms (e.g., Trains, Buses)
  • Appointment Scheduling Platforms for Services (e.g., Hair Salons, Doctors)
  • Sports Facility Booking Platforms (e.g., Golf Courses, Tennis Courts)
  • Pet Boarding and Grooming Reservation Platforms
  • Workshop and Class Booking Platforms (e.g., Cooking Classes, Yoga Sessions)
Business Consultancy Website Types
  • Management Consulting Firm Websites
  • Strategy Consulting Firm Websites
  • Human Resources (HR) Consulting Firm Websites
  • Financial Consulting Firm Websites
  • Marketing Consulting Firm Websites
  • Operations Consulting Firm Websites
  • Technology Consulting Firm Websites
  • Change Management Consulting Firm Websites
  • Small Business Consulting Firm Websites
  • Start-up Consulting Firm Websites
  • International Business Consulting Firm Websites
  • Risk Management Consulting Firm Websites
  • Innovation Consulting Firm Websites
  • Sustainability Consulting Firm Websites
  • Supply Chain Consulting Firm Websites
  • Process Improvement Consulting Firm Websites
  • Outsourcing Consulting Firm Websites
  • Legal Consulting Firm Websites
  • Real Estate Consulting Firm Websites
  • Education and Training Consulting Firm Websites
Online Learning Platforms Website Types
  • Course Marketplace Platforms (e.g., Udemy, Coursera)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Platforms (e.g., Moodle, Canvas)
  • Corporate Training Platforms
  • Language Learning Platforms (e.g., Duolingo, Rosetta Stone)
  • Skill-based Learning Platforms (e.g., Skillshare, MasterClass)
  • Professional Development Platforms
  • Academic Tutoring Platforms
  • Coding and Programming Learning Platforms (e.g., Codecademy, freeCodeCamp)
  • Test Preparation Platforms (e.g., Khan Academy, Magoosh)
  • Arts and Creative Learning Platforms (e.g., Skillshare, Domestika)
  • STEM Education Platforms (e.g., Khan Academy, Brilliant)
  • Music and Audio Learning Platforms (e.g., Udemy, Yousician)
  • Health and Wellness Learning Platforms
  • DIY and Crafts Learning Platforms
  • Career Development Platforms
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Learning Platforms
  • Parenting and Family Education Platforms
  • Environmental and Sustainability Learning Platforms
  • History and Humanities Learning Platforms
  • Personal Growth and Self-Improvement Platforms
WordPress Online Store Pricing
$ 1200
  • Domain
  • Premium Hosting
  • Online Store Website
  • Small to Medium Business
  • Professional Logo
  • Content Upload
  • Complete Graphics
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast & Secure
  • SSL Certificate
$ 1599
  • Domain
  • Premium Hosting
  • Online Store Website
  • Medium to Large Business
  • Professional Logo
  • Content Upload
  • Complete Graphics
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast & Secure
  • SSL Certificate
  • All Necessary Pages
  • Payment Gateways 
  • Free Support & Much More
Fun Facts
WordPress Expert
E-commerce Expert
Online Business
Love to Digitalize Business
Ecommerce Manager at
Mägenwil, Switzerland

At, I handle WooCommerce WordPress website development, product management, social media ads, and graphics design, delivering comprehensive solutions for impactful online presence and business growth.

Ecommerce Manager at Nylia Boutique
Mägenwil, Switzerland

At, I lead website development utilizing WooCommerce on WordPress, manage product additions, and oversee social media ads and graphics design. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I ensure seamless online operations and engaging customer experiences to drive business success.

Driving E-commerce Success
CEO & Founder of
Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan

As the CEO and Founder of, based in Pakistan, I spearhead all aspects of website development, management, and enhancement. Specializing in WooCommerce on WordPress, I oversee seamless product additions, social media ads, and graphics design. Through strategic leadership and a dedication to excellence, I ensure our online presence remains dynamic and captivating, fostering enduring customer engagement and business growth in the vibrant market of Pakistan.

Amazon & Ebay
Dort Arkadas

Have services as an amazon & eBay  at "Dort Arkadas" 

Cyber Security
Search Engine Optimisation

Experienced SEO specialist adept at boosting online visibility and driving organic traffic through strategic optimization techniques.

Digital Marketing

Experienced digital marketer adept in leveraging a comprehensive skill set acquired through rigorous training, specializing in social media advertising strategies. Proficient in optimizing online presence, driving engagement, and achieving business objectives through targeted digital campaigns across various platforms.

Wordpress Website Development

Proficient WordPress developer skilled in theme customization, expertly crafting dynamic and tailored websites, specializing in e-commerce solutions and adept at building diverse website types to meet client needs with precision and innovation.

2018 - 2021
DAE Food Processing & Preservation Technology
  • WordPress
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Finnish
  • German
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Data analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Practical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent decision-making
  • Advertising services include
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
Online Store Website
Website Development
Online Store Logo
Graphic Design
Blog Website
Website Development
Online Store Logo
Graphic Design
Technology Logo
Graphic Design
Online Store Website
Website Development
April 28, 2020 Unlocking the Power of Websites- Why Your Online Presence Matters

In today’s digital age, having a website is more than just a luxury – it’s a necessity. Whether you’re a…

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